Lone Star Bar, restaurant and guest House Phnom Bar
Phnom Penh Cambodia

The Lone Star Bar & Restaurant

We take great pride in offering traditional southern cooking and Texas favorites made from scratch. Chicken Fried Steak, Meat Loaf, Pulled Pork, and the best slow smoked Beef Brisket this side of the Red River.

Our sizzling fajitas, soft tacos, and burgers round out a hearty menu of Texas sized portions with traditional sides such as: fried okra, coleslaw, corn on the cob, or mashed potatoes.

You can top it off with Lea's homemade apple or pumpkin pie. We open at 7:00 am with a full breakfast menu available... from our Texas breakfast with chicken fried steak and eggs, our Juevos Rancheros with tortillas and salsa fresh made daily .... to our sizzling breakfast skillets, and at Lone Star ... we never charge for coffee refills!!!

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The Lone Star location

The Lone Star Saloon is located on a quiet side street just ten minutes walk to the Riverside or 5 minutes from st. 51, which is a late night entertainment strip. Our address is #30, st. 23.

We are located in between Wat Saraone, and the Cinema Lux. The Lone Star Saloon is located between St. 172 and St. 154 on st. 23 and would recommend, that guests contact us prior to arrival as many local drivers are not very familiar with street names or addresses.

We can arrange pick up by moto, tuk tuk, or taxi.

BBQ events at Lone Star

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Special are the Lone Star Barbecues.

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